Here are some tips to help you get started using Off Day Trainer.

1: Review Your Settings

Click on the main Settings button and familiarize yourself with all of the sub menu items. Pay close attention to the Messages sub-menu items. This area makes it possible to customize all your client communications.

  • The first option is your Daily Message Settings. This is where you can decide what type of message you send and which day of the week it is sent. You can customize this for each client after they opt-in to the system.
  • The Message Library is where you will find the entire library of automated messages. This is a huge library so you may want to come back and customize this area later. Notice that you can add your own custom motivational messages.
  • The last sub menu item is the Opt-in Messages settings. Here you can control the messages that a client receives when they opt-in to the system.

Next, click the Questionnaire Settings button. After a new or existing client opts in with your keyword, the system will send a text message that encourages them to fill out a training questionnaire. The Questionnaire Settings screen makes it easy to customize this questionnaire to fit your specific training niche.

Finally, review the Consultation Availability Settings. You saw this screen during the sign-up process but may have skipped over it. We strongly advise trainers to take advantage of this powerful function. It automatically gets new clients in the door!

Click here to learn more about settings…

2: Have A Friend Opt-In

Have a friend or colleague text your keyword to 41259. Observe the opt-in process from their point of view. After they have opted in, click the Clients tab and then click on the client’s name or phone number. Now that there is a client in the system, new features will appear.

Learn more about managing clients here.

Off Day Trainer has many automated client engagement features. A client’s status is categorized as a lead, prospect, active client, or former client. The automated engagement features are affected by a client’s status.

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3: Promote Your Keyword

Ready to stand out from all the other Trainers? The real power of Off Day Trainer lies in its ability to take action for you. All you have to do is promote your keyword and then watch the system do its magic. Here are some tips to help get the word out…

  • Add “Text KEYWORD to 41259” to your business cards. Replace the word “KEYWORD” with the custom keyword you chose when you first signed up, of course.
  • Promote your keyword on social media sites like Facebook.
  • Create an 8.5 x 11 flyer and post it on the gym bulletin board. Most Churches and Universities have places where anyone can post flyers also.
  • If you own a website, promote your keyword there. For best results, post it near the top of your homepage in a large bold font.

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Helpful Tips

Green Buttons Vs. Black Buttons

Throughout the application, you will see green buttons in some places and black buttons in others. A black button will save a change or take an action immediately. A green button will take you to an additional screen before you commit to the action. If you come across a green button, but you are not sure what it does, it is usually safe to click it to see what the next steps are.

Ask Clients to add 41259 to their contacts list.

A text feels much more personal when the sender is a familiar name. Otherwise, clients will see 41259 as the sender.