Throughout the Off Day Trainer interface, you will see references to a client’s "status". There are four different types of statuses that a client can be listed as in your Off Day Trainer account.  A client can be classified one of four ways: Lead / Prospect / Active / Former. 




What is the difference between a lead, prospect, active and former client?

Lead: A lead is a potential client who has opted-in but has not yet submitted the questionnaire. Leads will display as a phone number in your dashboard and client list since the user has not yet submitted their first and last name. Once a Lead opts-in to the system, they will receive a series of 3 automated texts encouraging them to complete your online questionnaire. You can edit the automated opt-in messages by going to Settings –> Messages –> Opt-In Messages.

Prospect: A prospect is a potential client who has opted-in and also submitted the questionnaire. If they filled out the name field on the questionnaire, their name will now appear in your client list. If the client has not scheduled an appointment, by default, they will receive a series of texts encouraging them to make a consultation appointment. You can disable these texts by going to Settings –> Availability.

Active: An Active client is a paying personal training client that is actively engaging in training sessions. A client can become “Active” in two ways. First, the client can select an option on the questionnaire that says “I am a current client”, or you can manually change a client’s status on the client profile page.

Former: A personal trainer client who is no longer training or paying you. You can still send texts to former clients and add them to groups. Former clients do not receive Off Day messages. You must manually change a client’s status to former using the main Client menu.