The team here at Off Day Trainer works every day continually enhancing and expanding the system to help your business and the clients you serve. Read the list below and learn about the latest updates.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.9.8

  • Client import feature
    • Manual input allows you to simply enter user's name and cell phone number
    • CSV file upload feature allows for mass client import
  • Main dashboard updated with new Client Status Summary giving a precise breakdown of your client list
  • Improved the account creation process enhancing the user experience.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.9.7

  • Several 'under the hood' improvements have been made to increase the speed of the platform, including the message sending engine!
  • Optimized the client's tab to increase page speed
  • Optimized the messages and inbox pages to increase page speed
  • Optimized the search query on the client's page so search results are returned at a faster rate.
  • Client status filter has been optimized to results are displayed at faster rate.
  •  Changed the default for former clients from 15 to 30 days.


Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.9.6

  • The questionnaire is now optional. When disabled the questionnaire is bypassed and trainees are automatically set to 'Active' status ensuring they are eligible to receive automated Off Day Messages. You can still manually send a questionnaire to any user in your account by clicking on their profile then 'Questionnaires'. When the questionnaire is enabled the existing workflow is still in place.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.9.5

  • Lead Generation Landing Page. Design and customize your own web page that allows users to enter their phone number.
  • Lead Generation Tab - We outline some business "best practices" on how to optimize your Landing Page for true, lead generation, including social media, referral strategies and more.
  • Menu navigation changes. We've also rearranged some of the menu items to create a more user-friendly experience. The goal is to easily identify the most used features from top to bottom and left to right. By navigating the system in this way, you'll be sure to work through the customization process with ease and a complete understanding of your ODT account.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.9.4

  • Updated the inbox unread message indicator to update with each page load rather than updating once per session.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.9.3

  • We've enhanced the client reply tag feature making it shorter and easier to use. The new format is first name and first two letters of last name,ie John Smith becomes @JohnSM. If another John Smith exists on your account then second client to opt in becomes @JohnSM1

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.9.2

  • Updated the Former Clients Only sentence description on the Message Library page to dynamically update based upon the trainer configuration on the Message Settings.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.9.1

  • After submitting the Message Settings page during the sign up process trainers are taken to the main dashboard rather than keeping them on the Message Settings page.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.8.9

  • Updated logic to prevent turning a message library category to a goal oriented category if that category is already assigned to the daily message schedule. An alert will display saying, "Sorry, you cannot set it as a goal category. Please make sure it is not used in daily messages and try again."
  • Fixed an issue in the message library that prevented disabling default goal categories.
  • Added a new message library category, The PTDC - Online Trainer Academy, with 50 messages designed by the PTDC.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.8.8

  • Reply to clients directly from your cell phone! You no longer need to log into your Off Day Trainer account to respond to your clients. When a client responds you receive a message indicating their name, their reply tag, and their message. For example, "Jack Hol says: @JackH1042 I might be late to the session today!". In the example the reply tag is @JackH1042. In order to reply to Jack you’d have to include the reply tag so that the system knows which client to send the message to, otherwise your message will be sent to the Off Day Trainer account manager.

  • Fixed the alignment of buttons and fields on mobile devices that overlapped in the sign up process.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.8.7

  • Increased the menu width on mobile devices to ensure the Video link is displayed.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.8.6

  • Refreshed the video training modal with new sleek design making it easy to understand.
  • Updated billing system logic to ensure trainer account is only billed on the day of the month their account is designated to be billed, ie billed on the 19th each month.
  • Increased logic in the billing system to detect when trainer account qualifies for a lower priced tier thus downgrading them to the proper monthly rate.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.8.5

  • The questionnaire editor and the questionnaire preview have been updated to ensure the correct time zone for each trainer is correctly displayed.
  • Fixed a minor display issue on the 'Whats Your Status?' question preventing periods from being added to the end of the question when they are removed or replaced.
  • Updated questionnaire to make sure client responses to the "On a scale of 1-10.." and the "What time of day.." questions can been seen when reviewing an individual's questionnaire.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.8.3

  • Fixed an error that would occur on larger trainer accounts (500+ clients)  when trying to select clients in order to send a manual message.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.8.2

  • We’ve imported 96 motivational memes into the Inspirational message category. Each message links to a meme and for certain phones the image can be previewed without tapping the link!

Here are a few examples:


Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.8.1

  • The Daily Message Settings default now schedules Inspirational messages on Mondays. The update only affects new trainer accounts
  • Removed the Questionnaire Completed Message setting from the Opt-In Message page. The confirmation message on the final page of the Questionnaire is controlled on the Questionnaire Editor.
  • Resolved some database discrepancies between the Goals on the Questionnaire Editor and the Message Library.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.8.0

  • Upgraded the mobile version of the Message Library page making it easier to add new messages.
  • Added a pop up alert onto the Message Library page to ensure there are always four active 'Goal Oriented' message categories. The minimum is set to four because the questionnaire allows clients to select one of four goals.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.7.9

  • We've added more muscle to the questionnaire allowing you to fully customize every aspect. With the new editor you can add in custom client goals, re-order the questions, modify text and questions, and more.  Check out this video on our support page!

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.7.8

  • Removed a limitation that displayed only 4 custom message categories. The new limit is 10 custom message categories.
  • Fixed a defect that occurred when all former client or session reminder messages are turned off. The system will now display a new message saying, “No scheduled message for this client today”.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.7.7

    • Fixed a defect where session reminders were not scheduled if the event was a one-time event that didn’t repeat, i.e. event repeat type is ‘None’.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.7.6

      • Improved the daily message setting logic so that if a custom category is deleted the daily setting switches over to ‘No Message’ for any day where the custom category was applied.
      • Removed an error on the Former Client cron script to ensure Former Client messages are sent

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.7.5

      • Update the questionnaire to generalize the copy for the entire health/fitness industry
      • Fixed spelling errors on the opt-in message setting instructions
      • Improved system efficiency by refactoring the scheduled message system

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.7.4

      • New quotes added to the message library; featuring quotes from the likes of Maya Angelou, John Wooden, Aristotle, and many more!
      • The sending system no longer skips over active and former clients without names. The variable is removed when sending to these clients.
      • Resolved an issue where messages would not cycle sequentially through message library categories.
      • Increased the speed of the calendar system to reduce the time it takes to switch from one month view to another month on the client calendar view. Fixed a bug to refresh the daily quote displayed on the trainer dashboard.
      • Fixed a display issue on the calendar system where selecting a date in a future month would display the corresponding date in the current month.
      • Minor display issue resolved where using the Show/Hide button in the message library would change the display of default messages to ‘Custom Message’

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.7.2

      • Added ability to edit session reminders and former client messages in message library.
      • Added ability to edit default OFF DAY messages in message library (great if you want to tweak one of the 500 messages we provide to you!).
      • Added ability to create new message categories with your own custom messages! Please note, messages are sent sequentially, so if you don't add enough, your client may get the same one over and over again.
      • Added controls for delivery of former client messages. You can specify the interval in days (15, 30, 45, 60) and exclude certain days of the week in OFF DAY Messages -> Settings
      • Improved logic when a former client has received all messages in the library. The system will cycle through the messages again, sending sequentially.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.6.21

      • Added more logic into the event schedule. For example, if you have a Tues/Thru group and need to start the class on a Thursday the system will now accept it as a valid start date.
      • Message history improved to list messages in the order they were delivered to address display issue in client’s message history.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.6.20

      • Off day messages can only be customized for active clients. If a client's status is former, leads, or prospect a new system message will display instead of redirecting you to the client list.
      • Improved the calendar display when a trainer has a scheduled consultation and events within the same day by adding better indication for the number of events. The event icons will also drop below the  icon. These updates also fixed a display issue when viewing the schedule on a mobile screen.

Off Day Trainer Release Notes v2.6.19

    • We're now dynamically inserting the number of messages into the initial opt-in message, e.g. “Up to 30 msg/mo” changes automatically based upon settings the trainer configures. Min. amount is 8, max is 30.
    • The initial welcome message is now customizable for every trainer:
    • Corrected a date/time issue converting displays away from UTC to the proper local time zone.
    • Fixed a display issue ensuring that an clients who opt out are displayed with the correct icon. 
    • Enhanced the questionnaire system so leads who've already provided their name & email address are not asked again. When leads are asked to complete the questionnaire a second time they advance to next section.
    • Improved system logic to prevent sending of blank messages.