OFF Day Trainer is excited to be partnering with MINDBODY to offer a new software integration.

What does the OFF DAY TRAINER integration with MINDBOY do?

OFF Day Trainer can connect to your MINDBODY account and import users into your OFF Day Trainer client list.

Who does it import and how can my clients opt out?

Two of the most import questions for this integration are "Who gets imported?" and "How can they get out of it?" 

  • We import everyone in your MINDBODY Client list that has a phone number. Everyone is imported as a lead with an initial opt-in text message "You've been opted in to text message program via MINDBODY. Up to 8 msgs/mo. To opt out, reply 'STOP'; for help, reply 'HELP'.
  • Clients can opt out by simply replying 'STOP' to the message to stop receiving texts.
  • Additionally, customers are imported as "Leads" in the Off Day Trainer system. They will get the initial opt-in text message when imported, but will not receive daily messages until they fill out the questionnaire or are manually updated.. 

What do I do with the Questionnaire?

The questionnaire is Off Day Trainer's way of collecting information and categorizing your clients so that you can better serve their needs. Please review the link below to learn more about setting up and customizing your questionnaire. You should have the questionnaire turned on to effectively import your clients using the MINDBODY integration.

How to Connect your MINDBODY account to OFF Day Trainer

In your OFF Day Trainer account click on Settings > Integration

Step 1 - Start Setup & Connect to MINDBODY

Step 2 - Log into your MINDBODY account to authorize the connection

Step 3 - Verify the connection inside MINDBODY

Step 4 - Import Clients

Once the import is complete we display the number of imported users and then you can review your client list.

MINDBODY Integration Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my MINDBODY site ID?

Your site ID is located in the footer section of your MINDBODY account.  Look at the bottom of the web page near your business name and address

You can find more detailed instructions on the MINDBODY website here: