Within Off Day Trainer there are 6 different categories that contain 500+ messages already built into your system. Some message have video links, some are just a simple text with a powerful meaning. 


Out of the 6 Categories in your message library, 4 are based off of the client’s questionnaire that was submitted while the other 2 are there to help keep your clients accountable.


  • Goal – General Health:
  • Goal – Fat Loss:
  • Goal – Build Muscle:
  • Goal – Performance:
  • Inspirational:
  • Nutritional:

Each category will contain messages already provided for you. You can disable and enable any message contained within your message library by clicking on the toggle button to the right of every message

  • Green = Active green
  • Red = Inactive  red

You can edit any message within the message library by clicking on the pencil icon icon-pencil

You can add your own custom messages into the library by clicking on the Add message icon chat-bubble.  There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your own custom message

  • You have 160 characters to work with
  • You can add links to images and videos
  • Shorten any link by using
  • Use the Tip to personalize the message by adding in a way to auto fill the clients name

You can create your own categories by clicking on Add Category button add-category. Once created you can add in your custom messages, you will also see any category that you create as an option for your Daily Message Settings.

Former Clients:

Within the message library page you also have the ability to edit the messages built to go out to your former clients, or add in your own messages. You cannot however add a new category for former clients.

Session Reminder Messages:

Within the message library page you have the option to create new messages that go out to your clients reminding them about their sessions. Or you can edit the ones that are already built within your system.