When a person first opts into your Off Day Trainer system they will automatically receive 2 messages that are considered Opt in Messages. When a client completes a questionnaire and schedules a consultation they will also receive a message. 


If you would like to see your Opt in Messages and possibly change them please follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Off Day Messages
  3. Select Opt In Messages

When a client opts in they will receive 2 messages:

  • The first message is a required Welcome text with opt-out instructions,
  • The second message encourages them to complete an online questionnaire.
    • If they do not respond additional messages are sent 24 hours later, and 6 days later.
  • When a client submits a questionnaire they will receive a message
  • When a client submits a consultation request they will receive a message

You can edit the different Opt in Messages by clicking on the edit icon icon-pencil next to each message