This is where you setup a weekly schedule for your automated messages. You can choose what type of message gets sent out to all of your clients. Once a client’s status becomes active, they will begin receiving Off Day Messages automatically 


To get to your daily automated messages: click on Settings > Off Day Messages > Settings

You will have 4 Message Type:

  • No Message: This will not send a message for this specific day
  • Goal Oriented: The message will be based on the goal type selected on the clients questionnaire
  • Inspirational: The message type will send messages meant to inspire the client to stay focused
  • Nutritional: The message type will send messages meant to keep clients on dietary goals

These settings are set globally for your entire client list, meaning when a new client comes on board these are the default messages that will be sent to them. 

Similar to your active clients your former clients will also receive automated text messages, but within a different time period. You can customize the time interval from the message settings page

  • You can choose the number of days between each messages a former client will receive.
  • You can select what days of the week the system will not send a message to a former client.