Once you have completed the account set up process you will end up on the Dashboard screen. You will also arrive at this screen when you first login. You can return to the Dashboard by clicking the Off Day Trainer logo in the top left corner.



Click the edit photo icon to upload a new profile image or logo from your computer.

Next to the trainer photo you find your keyword and short code. This is how your clients and potential clients will opt in to the system. Promote your keyword/short code combination as much as possible on social media, flyers, business cards and anywhere else that make sense for your business.

Dashboard Notifications

Your Dashboard is an overview of what’s happening in your Off Day Trainer System. It is recommended to check your dashboard from your phone, tablet or computer at least once a day to stay up to speed with your system. Your dashboard will display all your recent activity with the most recent at the top.

  • New Consultation: A prospective client has requested a consultation. The new consultation appointment will appear on your calendar. Your prospective client will receive a reminder automatically 1 hour before the consultation. To help ensure a trainer doesn’t miss the appointment, a consultation can only be scheduled one day after the current day.
  • New Questionnaire: This alert indicates client has completed an online questionnaire. To view the questionnaire click this questionnaire icon, or go to the Client screen, select a client and then click their questionnaire icon. When a clients completes a questionnaire, their status is automatically changed to “Prospect”.
  • New Mobile Opt-in: You will receive this alert when a potential client texts your keyword. This person’s phone number will appear in the system and their status will be set to “lead” in the system. A link to a questionnaire is automatically sent to the lead.
  • New Active Client: A new client, that was not already labeled as “active”, completed a questionnaire. On the questionnaire the client selected “I am a current client” which automatically changed their status to “active”.
  • New Active Client: Occasionally a trainer will send a questionnaire to a former client in an attempt to re-activate them. If the former client selects “I am a current client” on the questionnaire
  • Payment Processed Payment alerts are sent every month after your payment has been processed.
  • Payment Declined: If a payment is declined, or you need to update your payment option, you can click the Settings tab and then select “Payment Info”. Click the “Replace Card” link under the “Current Card” panel.
  • Event Deleted: When a series of events is removed from your calendar a notification is generated.
  • Trainer Notification: These are general notifications. Notes about system updates, plan changes, or any other general announcements will be displayed as “Trainer Notifications”.