When you sign up with Off Day Trainer, you will receive a poster pack containing 5 fully customizable posters that you can use to hang in your studio, gym or to post on social media such as Facebook.

You will be able to do the following for each poster:

  • Change the background image
  • Add in your own business logo
  • Change the text
    • Words
    • Color
    • Location
    • Size and Font

One thing to keep in mind is that the offer on each poster can be changed at any time. Use the posters to promote upcoming workshops or special classes. Or promote classes or sessions that need a boost of new clients.


Changing the Image:

  • Before editing any poster, remember to save the images you would like to use to your computer.
  • To change a background image:
    • Right-click the current image
    • Select change picture
    • Select your Computer (not online)
    • Select the image you want to use

Note: You may have to resize the image to fit the posters outline. Simply click on the white boxes on the image outline and click and drag to fit


Changing the Text:

  • You can edit any text within the poster and move the text box location
  • You can change the text size / color / style

Download Your Posters To Customize

Download Images to Post To Facebook