With the new Off Day Trainer Questionnaire, you are now able to fully customize every aspect of the questionnaire. The questionnaire is broken down into 3 separate sections that you can now fully customize to accommodate new clients and existing clients who join your Off Day Trainer system. 

Section 1

Trainee (client) Information

  1. You can edit the text requesting them to fill out the questionnaire
  2. You cannot change the Client name and email fields
  3. You can change parts of the status section
    1. Highlighted in Green
  4. You can edit the text in the “Next Button”

Section 2

Trainee Goals

  1. You can edit the paragraph text
  2. You can edit the text requesting to select a category
  3. You can change the Categories to select from
    1. If you create your own custom categories, you can now select these
      1. Your custom category will not show up if there are no messages under it
    2. To select your custom category
      1. Click on settings
      2. Click on Message Library
      3. Click on the 3 dots to the right of your category
      4. Select Enable Category as goal
  1. You can edit the text requesting the time of day to receive the messages
  2. You can edit the text for the 1-10 scale
    1. You cannot edit the scale 1-10

Section 3

Thank You

  1. You can edit the text letting them know the questionnaire was received

Once you are finished, you have the option to “Preview” your new questionnaire. When you are finished, click save. Going forward, any new client that joins your Off Day Trainer system will receive this new questionnaire.