You can organize your client list into groups. Groups can be added to events on your calendar, or you can send messages to groups. Any time you send a text to a group, the texts are separated into individual one-to-one texts by the ODT system. This makes the texts more personal and prevents any reply-to-all confusion.

A client can be included in as many groups as you want. For example, you could create a group called “Early Birds” and promote a new morning class to only that group. You could create another group called “Seniors” and promote a low-impact training class to that group. If you send a text to both groups, and a client is a member of both groups, that client will only receive one text. Off Day Trainer sorts it out. Clients will never see the group name in the texts.

Tip: Do not create groups based on client status (Ie. lead, prospect, active). Clients have the ability to update their questionnaire responses which can affect their status. If you manually change a client’s status, the group will not be affected by the change. If you want to message all clients with a lead status, for example, you can click the clients tab, then click the Filter button and choose to display only leads. You can select all by clicking the check box in the grayed heading area above the client list. Then click the “Send Message To Selected” button to initiate a new message with the selected recipients.