When clients text you via the 41259 short code, their message will display in your Off Day Trainer inbox, and we’ll forward it to your cell phone.

Respond Directly From Your Texting App

We’ve made it easy to respond directly to client messages without ever leaving your phone’s default texting application. Because all client responses are being forwarded to you from the 41259 short code, we identify the sender and provide an “@ tag” that needs to be included in your response so we know which client to route your response to.

Here’s an example of how it works: 

When a client sends a message like “thanks for the advice Nate!” to your short code, it should look something like this when you receive it:

Bob Smith says:
@BobSM1 thanks for the advice Nate!

That “@BobSM1” part is the “@ tag”; including it in your reply just tells us which of your clients to route your response to.
When you reply, simply copy and paste  (or type) the “@BobSM1” part at the start of your message, like this:
@BobSM1 my pleasure!